About Us

What We Do

We export the finest quality Australian fresh produce to the world

For close to two decades now, Australian Global Exports has been showcasing world class Australian fresh fruits and vegetables in markets globally.

We are a family of passionate growers, marketers and exporting logistics experts. We’ve grown up on farms and in packing sheds. And we understand our partners and what they demand in the world of fresh produce.

For safe, clean, quality produce, we are the trusted name.

Our Location

The most isolated and clean environment on earth

Our head office is located in the port town of Fremantle in Western Australia. Our fruits and vegetables are grown in the agricultural regions around the great state of Western Australia.

Our geographical location may mean that we are isolated, but it also gives us a distinct advantage over our eastern states counterparts when it comes to freight times to Asian and Middle Eastern ports. This means that not only is our produce of the highest quality and cleanliness, but it also arrives fresher than ever.